Two Deals that Could Shake Up Wall Street


There could be some changes in big companies during 2018 that could have a boomerang effect through major sectors of the market. While no one knows for sure, there are strong rumors that these deals may occur before the year is through. Here are the two deals that you may want to watch for in 2018. Continue reading “Two Deals that Could Shake Up Wall Street”


What You Need to Know About Trading Bitcoin Futures

We’ve all heard by now about the miraculous growth of Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies. They became the breakout story of both technology and financial news media in 2017, after years of languishing in the sidelines. But now Bitcoin itself has spiked so high in price that it’s become viable to speculate in Bitcoin futures…

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Amazon expands same-day delivery to more cities


With just over 10 days until Christmas, Amazon made the stunning announcement that they have increased the amount of cities where one-day and same-day shipping is available for Prime members. This is obviously just in time for shoppers who might be looking for last-minute gifts, or will be in a week or so. The original number of cities where this service was available to Prime members was 5,000, but now it’s 8,000. This move is definitely calculated to bring in more Prime shoppers who are looking to get their gifts quickly and at the last minute. However, it could easily have the added effect of encouraging more regular Amazon customers to sign up for Prime in order to get the new fast shipping.

The expansion of this service isn’t just limited to major metropolitan areas, but plenty of outlying areas as well. Some of the states focused on include Washington, Virginia, Texas, Maryland, Nevada, New York, Arizona, California, Florida and several more. The move also gives Amazon a distinct revenue advantage over other online shopping sites who tend to lose sales as Christmas draws closer due primarily to shipping times and costs. Amazon can now position itself to take advantage of those last-minute shoppers who would generally head out to brick and mortar shops in the last few days before the holiday.

Amazon same-day has already been adding to areas served in the last year. For example, last spring it came to 27 metropolitan areas, which only included about 1,000 towns and cities. The vice president of Amazon Prime released a statement saying that the company was constantly investing in increasing the service and selection for Prime customers. They seek to make delivery easier and faster. In 2016, for example, the last same-day delivery order through Prime delivered before Christmas was ordered on Christmas Eve at 10:23 AM. It was delivered at 2:42 PM the same day. The service was free for a Prime customer located in Richmond, Virginia.

Fast delivery is one of Prime’s top selling points, if not its biggest selling point. Other retailers looking to compete include Walmart, which rolled out its own free two-day shipping service without requiring a membership. Walmart is one of Amazon’s biggest competitors so naturally Amazon needed to respond, and it did by increasing the availability of one-day and same-day shipping to more of its customers around the country.

In order to identify the products available for same-day or one-day, Prime members should look for icons that indicate this on the product page or product list. They can also filter search results to only show one-day and same-day items. Orders totaling over $35 that include eligible items will then ship for free any day of the week for Prime members. Non-members will pay $8.99 for the same-day service and then an additional $0.99 per product in the order. In order to get same-day service, orders should be placed in the morning for arrival between six and nine in the evening. Orders placed later in the day will then arrive the following day.

For further convenience, Amazon also released a helpful schedule showing cut off dates for shipping. December 18 is the cut off for standard shipping, December 22 is the cut off for two-day shipping and December 23 is the cut off for one-day shipping. Christmas Eve is the final day for same-day delivery with an order time of before 9:30 AM.

Amazon has been rolling out new delivery methods all year, including using Amazon Lockers, Whole Foods stores and customers allowing delivery people into their house with the Amazon Key service.

Amazon expands same-day delivery to more cities

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Top 4 Investing Apps


The days of taking a trip to your financial advisor’s office and having them explain esoteric economic terms to you while you nod and pretend you understand are long over. Now millennial investors (as well as investors of all ages) can stay at home while they take care of their entire portfolio.

Do you not know the difference between a mutual fund and an exchange-traded fund? You won’t have to worry if you use one of the investing apps on this list. What all of these investment apps have in common is that they are not only intuitive, but many of these apps use “robo” advisors to take much of the anxiety out of investing for newbies. If you have advanced investing knowledge, you can still find a lot to like about these four apps.

Below we have listed the four best investing apps that you can use to invest your hard earned money for free.

  1. Betterment

    When saving their money, the average saver doesn’t care a lot about esoteric investment theory. What these investors want are stone cold results. Betterment’s robo advisors will walk you through the steps needed to get to your goal, whether it’s a vacation, a college education, or a down payment on a home. The app can take your initial deposit, savings, and goal end date and tell you when you will meet your objectives. You won’t have to research your investments because Betterment does that for you. The company minimizes the risk of investors by placing their
    money in a diverse class of assets.

  2. Vanguard

    This company acts as the standard bearer of low-cost mutual fund investments. When Jack Bogle founded Vanguard in the mid-1970s, he realized that the vast majority of mutual funds with active managers did not beat the market. Bogle then decided to start a company that focused on lower fees.

    Mutual Fund and ETF Screener

    The screener from Vanguard allows investors to find the exact fund that meets all of their criteria. As an investor, you can choose funds based upon the following factors: minimum deposit, asset class, share class, risk level, and tax efficiency.

    Once you find the best fund for your purposes, you can start to invest in a direct manner. You can also use the screener to compare all of your funds to see which one performed better than the others. Vanguard has over 100 mutual funds and ETFs, so this tool comes in very handy.

  3. Fidelity

    Yes, Fidelity offers its investors the chance to build portfolios with commission-free ETFs (exchange-traded funds). The company gives its users access to its services through its website and mobile apps. Not only can newbie investors easily use the app, but it’s also really comprehensive. The app includes screeners that give you research and tools that allow you to test your investment strategy. Fidelity’s mobile app also gives you quotes and options trading.

    4. Robinhood

    The Robinhood app allows anyone to make unlimited stock trades for free. The app doesn’t even have a minimum deposit. However, if you want to access this service, you will need to install this app on an iPad, iPhone, Android phone, or Apple Watch. The company currently has plans to release a website version shortly. Investors can use the Robinhood app to schedule deposits to their investment account on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly schedule.