Top 3 Countries to Invest in Now

Top 3 Countries to Invest in Now
What do you look for when choosing a place to live, or a country to visit? Typically we search for what makes that country unique- the people, culture, landscape and weather. According to a report created by the World Bank Group, there are four particular areas that interest potential investment in a country by a business or an individual- available natural resources, current markets, successful technologies or brands.
With so many different emerging markets coming from across the globe it may be difficult to decide where to invest. There is so much opportunity in investing abroad, but it is important to know where, and specifically, which countries to start at.


The country of Singapore has been quickly rising among the ranks in countries worthy of foreign investment. Singapore offers a host of well-educated citizens that are ready to work. The market of educated individuals is saturated and there are great options for talent in your business. Singapore is a well developed country within the region of Southeast Asia and already has a large expat population, allowing for most standard amenities and western living options. The intellectual property law is a draw for business owners interested in making a safe start for their business in a hot Asian market.


Long considered a lazy cluster of islands, this nation has been quickly moving ahead as ancient Jakarta hosts emerging talent and potential economic increase. The country of Indonesia has been recently implementing new laws and policies that are attractive to foreign investors. The country’s rapidly developing tourism industry promises an economic push. The larger cities are very expat friendly and the island of Bali has become a hotpad for entrepreneurs and digital nomads looking for incredible landscape, affordable luxury and excellent wifi. Indonesia has a lot of potential for a variety of investment.


Similar to its Northern Asian neighbors, China, Japan and Korea, the Philippines has seen a huge boost in technology and in country technological innovation in recent years. The difference? The Philippines has still kept the cost of real estate, good, and services low. The Philippines is also full of English speakers with native grammar and excellent pronunciation that are ready to work. The Philippines truly has so much to offer as a developing nation for the right investors.

While there are many factors to search for when deciding on the right country to invest, it is always good to check the research. However, it is a big personal decision if you plan on relocating to any country you invest in. Choose one of these top locations and you will never be at a loss or beautiful landscapes and exceptional cultural experiences to soak in.


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