10 Books That Aspiring Entrepreneurs Should Make Time to Read

10 Books That Aspiring Entrepreneurs Should Make Time to Read

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you’ll need guidance as you start your career. You’ll need to learn about the ins and outs of becoming an entrepreneur. Many aspiring entrepreneurs seek to attend different classes and sessions in order to learn more information about entrepreneurship. However, an affordable alternative is simply reading a few books. Regardless of what career you are pursuing, there are books available to assist you. Here is a look at several books that you should consider reading before starting your career.

The Founder’s Dilemmas (Noam Wasserman):

University of Southern California professor Noam Wasserman takes an in depth look at some common reasons why entrepreneurs succeed and fail. Wasserman explains how complex entrepreneurship can be. By the end of the Founder’s Dilemmas, Wasserman explains when it is time for entrepreneurs to seek help from others.

The Art Of The Start (Guy Kawasaki):

Entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki explains to his readers the power of the internet. Kawasaki informs entrepreneurs about different topics such as marketing, crowdfunding, and cloud computing. Kawasaki advises entrepreneurs to avoid thinking of entrepreneurship as a job.

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook (Gary Vaynerchuk):

New York Times best selling author Gary Vaynerchuk advises entrepreneurs to figure out what appeals to their customers and find a way to meet that need. Vaynerchuk explains the importance of social media. Vaynerchuk believes that entrepreneurs have to be willing to combine their message and platform.

Simple Numbers, Straight Talk (Greg Crabtree):

Crabtree uses real world examples and step by step instructions to answer important questions concerning human resources, taxes, and other important issues. Crabtree advises entrepreneurs to always look at the big picture.

Will It Fly (Thomas K. McKnight):

Thomas McKnight lays out different questions that aspiring entrepreneurs must ask themselves in order to determine if their business will be successful. By the end of the assessment, you should have a clear idea on some of the responsibilities that go into running a business.

Become Your Own Boss (Melinda F. Emerson):

The Chief Executive Officer of Quintessence Multimedia, Melinda F. Emerson explains how you can launch a successful business within a year. Emerson gives readers advice on how to raise capital and how to develop a great marketing strategy.

The Lean Startup (Eric Ries):

Ries lists some innovative ways to help aspiring entrepreneurs run their businesses with maximum efficiency. Ries relies on The Lean Startup Methodology.

Entrepreneurial You (Dorie Clark):

Marketing expert Dorie Clark gives readers advice on how to create a successful business plan. Clark advises entrepreneurs to dream big.

Setting The Table (Danny Meyer):

Restaurateur Danny Meyer explains important lessons about hospitality, and how entrepreneurs can use hospitality to improve their management skills. Meyer emphasizes the importance of customer service.

The One Page Business Plan (Jim Horan):

Horan lists some exercises to help entrepreneurs refine their business approach by simplifying their business plans to only one page. Horan believes that writing out a smaller business plan allows entrepreneurs to avoid making things more complex than they should be.


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