Is PPC or SEO Better For Your Business?

Is PPC or SEO Better For Your Business?

If you’re trying to improve your business’s visibility and to turn potential leads into customers, you’ve got two primary options these days: Pay-Per-Click marketing or Search Engine Optimization. There are similarities between these methods, but they vary wildly in terms of cost and immediate efficacy.

PPC vs. SEO: The Facts You Need to Know:

First, let’s take a quick look at the basics of PPC and SEO marketing strategies.

Pay-Per Click Marketing:

The pay-per-click model of online marketing is based around a simple concept: advertisers pay a small fee each time a potential customer clicks on one of their ads. You probably see many of these ads each day–they feature a small box in the right-hand corner displaying the word “ad.”

This obviously sounds like an optimal model to draw visitors to your site, but it can quickly become expensive, especially if you’re not converting these leads into sales. There are also many companies that prefer to generate their leads in a more organic fashion.

Despite Google’s relatively new advertising format, which displays ads in conjunction with less expensive (even free) organic results, people have gotten wise. They are much more likely to click on the regular search engine results, which is where SEO comes in.

Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the name for a group of strategies used to increase your business’s rank in Google results (as well as other search engines). Let’s say you operate a pizza place in New York; one of the most common SEO techniques is to research keywords to use on your website that will place you optimally within the results for, say, “best pizzeria in Brooklyn” or “inexpensive Brooklyn pizza”.

While PPC can yield results fairly quickly, SEO is more of a long-term strategy to build (and maintain) a web presence. It takes time and experimentation to find the right keywords to highlight your business, as well as to build a database of high-quality content that will keep customers browsing, leading them ultimately to a purchase.

Important Points to Remember:

Depending on your business strategy, Pay-Per-Click Marketing might be advantageous. This is especially true if you’re trying to generate leads quickly. PPC, while effective, is best used by companies who have larger marketing budgets. It behooves any company to have a great website that encourages maximum lead conversion–after all, you’re paying to get people there!

If your budget is more modest, SEO is a better long-term strategy. As a matter of fact, SEO is a good idea even if you’re engaging in PPC marketing. Keep in mind that SEO is a slower-moving process.

In the end, the best strategy is to find the mix of PPC (for lead generation) and SEO (to improve your website and search results) that works for you. It’s a matter of budget, time preference, and how urgently you need to drive leads and potential customers to your site.

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