3 Skills You Need to Be Financially Successful

3 Skills You Need to Be Financially Successful

Reaching your financial goals is more than adding and subtracting a bunch of numbers to balance a budget. It is a valuable skill to have if you are proficient in math, but financial independence requires other skills that help you make smart decisions about your money. Some of those skills often include the way you think about money and learning how to keep emotion out of your financial decisions. Here are three skills you can develop to help you obtain financial success.


All of your money decisions should be deliberate and involve self-discipline. It is easy to create a budget that will get you to the financial promised land, but you need discipline to control the way you spend money. Impulse buys are the biggest threat to your financial balance sheet. Stopping yourself from spending money in the heat of the moment requires self-discipline, and once you master the art of money discipline, you will be well on your way to your financial goals.

Critical Thinking Skills:

Smart money decisions are made by using critical thinking skills. Before you make any financial investment, you must first analyze the investment from every angle. You need to ask yourself if this investment is right for you, and what does the person or entity presenting the investment have to gain from your financial commitment. A strong set of critical thinking skills would involve understanding exactly how the investment works before putting up any money.

Confidence- Making Smart Money Decisions:

Studies suggest that many Americans struggle with their money because of a perceived lack of financial knowledge, and confidence involves gaining the knowledge you need to formulate a money game plan. Confidence also involves taking risks while learning how to mitigate risk at the same time. The best way to gain the confidence you need is to learn how to keep your emotions in check. Just because the markets fell dramatically one day does not mean you have to rush out and sell all of your stock. You have to have the confidence in your investments that they can withstand large market downturns.

The ability to control your financial emotions, resist impulse buys and develop critical thinking skills are just as important as adding and subtracting numbers. If you are ready to learn what it takes to become financially successful, you should start by sharpening your emotional and financial IQ before you start developing your math skills.


Yorkville Advisors, LLC is a privately owned and operated hedge fund sponsor that was founded in 2001.


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