How to Practice Financial Self-Care

How to Practice Financial Self-Care

Navigating through your own world personal finance can be a daunting task. There are strategies that can help you become financially healthy so you can weather any type of economy. These strategies include paying off your mortgage and paying off your credit card debt.

Paying off your mortgage:

Paying off your mortgage at an accelerated rate will save you hundreds of dollars in interest every month. You can do this by switching your 30 year loan to a 15 year loan. You will be paying more of your loan balance each month but you will also pay the mortgage off sooner and save yourself a sizable amount of cash on interest in the long run. The sooner you pay off your mortgage the better. You will rest easier knowing that all your hard work paid off and have the peace of mind.

Paying Off Your Credit Card Debt:

Credit cards carry a lot of risk especially when you do not pay them off on time. Accumulating debt on a credit card becomes more difficult and tough to reconcile when you are charged hideous interest rates. Some people pay has high as 19.95% on some credit cards. Do yourself the favor of paying off your credit card balance with a low rate loan and make the commitment to pay it off as quickly as possible.

Stop Paying for Things You Do Not Need:

Buying subscription services such as those to audio books, digital streaming sites and meals delivered to your door may be great to have, but not when you do not have the time to enjoy them. If you do not use these services regularly and they are not adding value to your life, may it’s time to detach from them and save your pocketbook from continued expenditures that you do not need.

Be Practical and Buy Generic Brands:

Many of us have been feeling the pinch at the supermarket. Many of the food and products manufactured and produced are expensive due to their packaging alone. Saving money can be as easy as replacing the name brands you buy at the grocery store with their generic counterparts. These brands do not spend a lot of money on the packaging and compared to the names brands, are as good in quality and a deal to buy.

Making good financial decisions is important in practicing financial self-care. Small changes to your finances now can mean saving big amounts of cash in your wallet over a long period of time. You can make positive changes in your life by being aware of where you are financially and making the tough decisions that will bring you closer to financial freedom.


Yorkville Advisors, LLC is a privately owned and operated hedge fund sponsor that was founded in 2001.


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